We accept payments via any major credit or debit cards through Paypal
(Paypal account NOT required)


Q      Can I pay using my credit / debit card?

A      Yes. We accept any major credit or debit card via our Paypal payment system. We also accept numerous different payment types. View our Payment Options page here.


Q      Do I need a Paypal account?

A      No. You can pay without creating a Paypal account.


Q      Is there baby equipment in the home?

A      Yes. We provide a pack 'n' play crib (travel cot), a highchair and a stroller for guest use. We can provide a full crib or more than one of the previous items if requested.


Q      Is there a safety fence for the pool area?

A      Yes. The safety fence is easily removed for adult groups.


Q      Do you allow pets in the homes?

A      No, pets are not allowed in any of our homes.


Q      Why does the pool not feel hot?

A      The pool heat is set to 82 degrees. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) recommends 75 - 85 degrees and the American Red Cross recommends 81 degrees for recreational pools. There is a thermometer in the pool to check the temperature. We recommend using the pool cover to prevent the pool losing its heat when the pool is not in use. Since the pool heater is an 'Air Source' heat pump, if the outside air temperature drops below 55 degrees Fahrenheit the pool heater may struggle to maintain the pool temperature. In these circumstances failure to heat the pool is outside of our control. In most cases your pool will warm to a daytime temperature of between 70 and 82 degrees.


Q      How do I operate the cinema / games system?

A      Instructions for use of the home cinema and attached games systems are in the Home Information Book.


Q      Why can't I take food or drinks into the bedrooms?

A      There are lots of ants(and other bugs) in Florida and they love sugary drinks and food crumbs. Our homes are treated regularly for pest control but they WILL find a way into your bedroom if there is food or drink available for them.


Q      Why is the air conditioning not working?

A      Ensure that the patio door is not open. The door needs to be firmly closed to allow the air conditioning to operate.


Q      Can I check-in earlier than 4pm / check-out later than 10am?

A      Possibly. You must request this as soon as possible (ideally with your booking). Occasionally this will not be possible, since there may be another guest arriving/ departing the same day. There is a charge of $25 per hour for this service (max 4 hours).


Q      Do you offer Maid Service?

A      Each of our homes is cleaned upon each departure. Some guests that stay for a longer period (over 10 days) request a mid-term clean, which can be arranged in advance for a standard fee.


Q      Are towels provided in the home?

A      Yes. Towels are provided for use in the bathrooms and beside the pool. Towels must not be removed from the home.


Q      Do you provide essentials such as cleaning supplies and toiletries?

A      We provide starter supplies of soap, toilet paper, kitchen paper towels and trash bags. These are provided as a convenience until you have chance to visit the supermarket.


Q      What is there for the kids to do in the home?

A      In the homes we have TV's, Pool, Foosball or Air Hockey Tables, huge Home Cinema screens for watching DVD's or playing on the Games Systems (Wii or Xbox360) and a selection of board games. There is also the pool!


Q      Are we able to bring our own movies and/or games for the cinema room?

A      Yes, please do.  Be aware that DVD's, Blu-Ray discs and Games need to be USA region discs.


Q      There is no controller for the XBox360 in Armathwaite House!!

A      The Xbox360 has a Kinect controller attached. All features of the Xbox can be accessed via this controller and all games provided are for use with the Kinect. If you would like to bring your own controller to play your own games then please do.


Q      Do you have a diagram of the floorplan of the home?

A      Yes. There is a floorplan diagram for each home on its description page, in the Gallery and in the downloadable Brochure.


Q      Is there a covered area by the pool?

A      Yes. There is a covered lanai stretching the full width of the house with plenty of patio furniture for all guests.


Q      Do you provide bed rails for the children's beds?

A      We do not have bed rails as standard in the homes, but if you require them we can rent them for a small fee.


Q      Are there plastic cups and plates for the children to use?

A      The homes contain plenty of plasticware for your use either for the children or outside by the pool.


Q      How do I book one of your magnificent homes? :o)

A      To confirm your booking please reply to your enquiry email stating your Name, Invoice number and which home you would like to book.
Upon receipt of your email we will send a payment request for the deposit amount ($300 / 200 per home). Your booking will be held for 24 hours, during which time we should receive the deposit payment. Payment of the deposit amount will secure your booking.

The remaining balance will become due 60 days before your arrival.



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